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USP Bore Paste 2 oz Regular Gun Barrel Cleaner
USP Bore Paste Gun Cleaner 2 oz Regular

USP Bore Paste 2 oz Regular Gun Barrel Cleaner

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USP Bore Paste Gun Barrel Cleaner
- USP Bore Paste is an abrasive paste (garnet) that is softer than steel but harder than barrel fouling. It is great for removing carbon, lead, and copper fouling from your gun barrel. When heavy bore fouling is present, you can feel it being removed as each rod stroke with USP Bore Paste feels smoother and smoother.
- We've gravitated to USP Bore Paste as our first choice for a cleaning process during break-in or seasoning of any barrel. Being a softer-than-steel abrasive substance, Bore Paste works kind of like sand paper to remove any kind of fouling quickly and reliably... Without harming your barrel (Remember it is SOFTER THAN STEEL). Bore Paste removes carbon, lead, and copper equally well... Which makes it an excellent first choice cleaner for use in break-in or seasoning of all gun barrels. (You can feel the barrel getting cleaner with each stroke).
- How To Use USP Bore Paste - Select a bronze bore brush one size smaller than your bore. Wrap a clean cotton patch around it. Soak the patch with gun oil. Now run the patched brush through your barrel a few times to moisten and remove loose fouling. Next, saturate a new patch with bore paste and wrap it around the bore brush. Now run the patched brush back and forth through your barrel to scrub and loosen the remaining fouling. Finally, alternate clean patches with lightly oiled patches to swab out the fouling. Repeat as needed.

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