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TandemKross Ultimate Trigger Kit for Ruger Mark IV w/Black Trigger
TandemKross Ultimate Trigger Kit for Ruger Mark IV

TandemKross Ultimate Trigger Kit for Ruger Mark IV w/Black Trigger

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The Ultimate Trigger Kit for the Ruger MKIV Black
This “Ultimate” Kit for Ruger® Mark IV™ is a matched set of upgrade parts - DO NOT use any other brand of sear and hammer with the TANDEMKROSS “Ultimate" Trigger Kit.

  • NOTE: This Kit Fits the Ruger MKIV (Not 22/45 - See 22/45 Kit elsewhere on our site)
  • “Victory” Trigger optimizes trigger pull thanks to built-in pre- and post-travel adjustability for fast and smooth trigger resets
  • Radiused sear and hammer interface for clean, crisp, and repeatable trigger pull
  • Approximately 2–2.5lb trigger pull (results may vary)
  • Neutrally balanced, drop-safe sear
  • Highly impact and wear resistant, heat treated, hardened S7 tool steel for long-lasting, optimal performance
This Kit is a completely new take on the Ruger® Mark IV™ fire control system! Every part of the trigger mechanism has been redesigned to reduce trigger pull weight and boost safety and reliability. The lubricant coating on the hammer and sear provide a consistently smooth hammer sear interface right out of the box. The lighter weight hammer results in a faster lock time.The TANDEMKROSS “Blast Shield” Magazine Disconnect¹ promotes proper magazine alignment for consistent and reliable feeding while protecting the hammer and sear from debris and build up; making for easy maintenance.

A Matched Set of Parts:
  • TandemKross Victory Trigger
  • TandemKross Thunder Hammer
  • TandemKross Lightening Sear
  • TandemKross Blast Shield Magazine Disconnect¹ Replacement
The “Ultimate” Trigger Kit for Ruger® Mark IV™ is designed to install easily and offers an unmatched boost in performance and reliability! Order Your's Today!

Supported Models:
  • Ruger® Mark IV™ Standard
  • Ruger® Mark IV™ Hunter
  • Ruger® Mark IV™ Target
  • Ruger® Mark IV™ Competition
  • Ruger® Mark IV™ Tactical
¹ The Magazine Disconnect is a California modification the makes the pistol non-firable without a magazine inserted. Besides that inconvenience, it is believed to degrade trigger performance. And because of that, many shooters remove the magazine disconnect feature altogether. This TandemKross kit assumes you will likewise want the magazine disconnect removed and replaced with the TK Blast Shield.

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