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SK 420148 Semi Auto Rifle .22LR Ammo 50 Rounds-NEW!
SK 420148 Semi Auto Rifle .22LR Ammo 50 Rounds

SK 420148 Semi Auto Rifle .22LR Ammo 50 Rounds-NEW!

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Part Number: 115-420148
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SK Semi-Auto Rifle is designed to outperform, replace and eventually retire all other inferior semi-auto ammunition offerings currently crowding the market. It’s built to deliver pinpoint accuracy while functioning flawlessly through any 10/22 style firearms, AR’s, 597’s, 64’s, and more. Today’s new and innovative semi-auto rimfire rifles and their competitive shooting disciplines are at an all-time high in popularity. Unfortunately, quality .22 LR semi-auto ammunition has not evolved at the same pace – until now. SK Semi-Auto Rifle features an optimized velocity (345 m/s or 1132 fps) and clean burning propellants that produce effortless semi-auto action functioning. Feed issues commonly seen with inferior semi-auto rimfire products are eliminated. Competitors seeking to gain an edge with their factory and semi-custom firearm builds will trust SK Semi-Auto Rifle to deliver results time and again, with repeatable accuracy. SK’s Semi-Auto Rifle is a true match-grade product with an unbeatable price-quality ratio. Get loaded with SK Semi-Auto Rifle. Engage Targets. Repeat.

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