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Savage Barrel Nut Wrench Kit - Also Fits Remage Nuts
Savage Barrel Wrench Kit

Savage Barrel Nut Wrench Kit - Also Fits Remage Nuts

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Savage Barrel Nut Wrench Kit - Also fits Remington Remage Nut
For removal and installation of rifle barrels on the Savage 10/110 series bolt action rifles and Remington 700 Remage bolt action rifles. Includes a double ended, notched barrel nut wrench with a medium duty receiver wrench and a shim for adaptation as a smooth barrel nut wrench. The double ended wrench fits both styles of notched barrel nuts and has 1/2" square holes for added leverage with a breaker bar or use with a ratchet, or torque wrench. The receiver wrench is "medium duty" and grips the receiver when removing the notched barrel nuts with the other wrench. There's a piece of shim stock to use with the receiver wrench to make it fit smooth barrel nuts.
Please note: the "medium duty" receiver wrench works perfectly when removing notched barrel nuts, as long as the barrel nut isn't too tight. It is of similar medium duty when used as a shimmed wrench for smooth barrel nuts. Sometimes factory installed barrel nuts are torqued on so tight as to require a gunsmith grade barrel or receiver vise to get them off. However, once the original nut is off, this medium duty receiver wrench works great with the barrel nut wrench to install new barrels or swap in different barrels with ease and efficiency.

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