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Lapua 300 PRC Brass 100 pcs-NEW!
Lapua 300 PC Brass 100 pcs

Lapua 300 PRC Brass 100 pcs-NEW!

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Lapua 300 PRC Reloading Brass 100 pcs.

Made from the finest raw materials formulated by the World's top brass mills, Lapua brass features just the right hardness, firmness, and molecular grain structure for optimum performance. By combining this material with tight dimensional tolerances and uniform case volumes, Lapua has won over the confidence of World Champion shooters...  But, whether you're a serious benchrest competitor or a hunter, YOUR Reloads Are No Less Important!

American Bench Rest Championships - 17 of the 20 top 13.5 Class shooters used Lapua brass. The top twenty 10.5 class shooters shot Lapua brass UNANIMOUSLY!

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