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Jard 4724 Set Trigger fits AR15
JARD 4724 Set Trigger for AR15 Rifles

Jard 4724 Set Trigger fits AR15

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Jard 4724 SET Trigger fits AR15

A "SET" Trigger for the AR15... (Just Like Quigley Down Under). The JARD 4724 SET Trigger functions normally as a clean, crisp, 4 lb trigger until you use the "SET" function: Then it becomes a 13 oz benchrest target trigger! There's nothing else like it for the AR15. You've seen "SET" Triggers on Sharps Rifles and expensive bolt actions. The Jard 4724 works the same way: You push the trigger forward until it clicks... This "SETs" the trigger for the lighter 13 oz pull. Now you can take a breath, steady your hold, and squeeze off your shot with the help of a 13 oz target weight trigger! This trigger capability significantly enhances the user’s ability for accurate fire when precision shooting.

  • Drop-In Trigger Module is Pre-Adjusted and Ready to Use
  • Normal Carrying Condition is a Clean, Crisp, 4 lb. Trigger Pull
  • Push the Trigger Forward Until it Clicks to SET for 13 oz Trigger Pull
  • Trigger Re-Sets to Normal 4 lb. Pull After Firing
  • Can Be Re-Set Safely (and easily) Without Firing

The JARD AR Set Trigger System comes preassembled within a drop-in housing milled from billet aircraft grade aluminum. Internals are hardened tool steel.

E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc
4088 County Road 40 NW, Garfield, MN 56332

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