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Hogue Savage Full Length Bed Block Stock Black
Hogue Savage Full Length Bed Block Stock

Hogue Savage Full Length Bed Block Stock Black

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Hogue Full Length Aluminum Bed Block Stock for Savage Rifles

The Hogue "OverMolded" process is usually applied to a rigid internal skeleton but THIS stock takes it up a notch... Hogue has designed it around a full length aluminum bedding block... The Ultimate in Accuracy! The aluminum "Bed Block" extends from the rear of the action all the way out the forend. It holds the action straight, rigid, and stress-free in the stock but Free-Floats the barrel over a stiff, stable forend section... The best for bench, bipod, sling, or off-hand accuracy.

Varmint Diameter Barrel Channel
- Since "free floating" of the barrel is preferred on all bolt actions, Hogue has set this stock up to fit any barrel up to and including Savage factory Varmint barrels. Skinny barrels will have a wide gap between the barrel and the forend but they will shoot accurately from this stock.

Fitting Information - Fits Savage short action models 10, 11, 12, 14, 16. "Long Action" fits 110, 111, 112, 114, 116... Screw spacing is different for top loading and detachable magazine rifles so choose accordingly. Detachable mag stocks also fit hinged floorplate actions. Does not fit DM rifles with the magazine release on the side of the gun. Does not fit the Savage Target Action.

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