Opening day in central Minnesota -- about 5 minutes before dark.  This hunter and her dad had been sitting in the stand waiting -- and finally spotted this deer.  As the silhouette of his rack danced between the trees, the hunter prepared for the shot.  He began trotting away, with not much time left to shoot.  At about 80 yards, he presented an opportunity for her and she made a perfect double lung shot.  She loaded again, ready for another shot if needed.  They watched him run another 30 yards or so before he finally dropped.  One-Shot Accuracy -- that's what we like!  Great job!  We like to call her one of our Junior Pro-Staff shooters!

It can be hard to find the perfect rifle or shotgun for youth hunters, but this is an excellent set-up.  This youth hunter was shooting a T/C Encore Pro Hunter 20 Gauge with a Choate adjustable buttstock and Hawke Red-Dot sight.   

T/C Encore Pro Hunters are an excellent choice because of their versatility -- with the same frame, you can change the barrel and turn it into a rifle or muzzleloader.    Between factory T/C brand and EABCO Accuracy Barrels, the caliber options are extensive to fit almost any hunting situation.  You can easily customize your rifle or shotgun by purchasing barrels, frames and stock sets separately, as well as many options for mounts, scopes and other accessories.

The Choate M4/AR15 style adjustable buttstock for the T/C Encore Pro Hunter used on this shotgun is a great option for youth hunters.  It has an adjustable length of pull from 12.75"-16", and is tough and solid.  Choate makes this stock for the T/C Contender and G2, as well as AR15s.

The sight used here is the Hawke 30 mm Red-Dot Sight with wide field of view, 4 MOA and suitable for all firearms from .22 through centerfire -- rifle, shotgun, handguns and muzzleloaders.