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Wipe-Out Bore Foam
Wipe-Out Bore Foam - Gun Cleaning Foam

Wipe-Out Bore Foam

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Wipe-Out Bore Foam Gun Cleaner is different, but easy to use. Point the nozzle down the bore and squirt. The barrel instantly fills with expanding foam that penetrates every nook and cranny. Wait an hour and then just Wipe-Out the bore with a cleaning rod, tight fitting jag, and patch. No brushing! (Can be left overnight for really stubborn copper).
Not acid and not ammonia, Wipe-Out is gentle on rifle barrel steels... Its odorless, yet dissolves copper, carbon, brass, bronze, and powder fouling. The patch color tells the tale... Blue is copper fouling. Gray/black is carbon and powder fouling. When the patch comes out colorless, the barrel is clean!
In the past couple of years, Wipe-Out's success has lead to several innovations. Wipe-Out Accelerator, Patch-Out non-foaming liquid, and the Wipe-Out Spout. We have everything plus links to cleaning rods, jags, and patches at our Wipe-Out Bore Foam.

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