We Manufacture Accuracy Barrels®, Guns, and Accessories.

Starting with our BF Ultimate Silhouette falling block pistol, we EARNED our accuracy reputation in the crucible of 
IHMSA Handgun Metallic Silhouette competition... Ultimately dominating the sport back in 2001 taking 1st thru 6th places plus 8th and 9th... IN THE WORLD!

That level of accuracy, practicality, and reliable function takes extreme attention to detail... By both the shooter and the gun maker!  We put what it takes to win into every gun and barrel we build... It's our Trademark!

At the same time, we were introducing our 97D rifle based on the BF action, we had developed a strong business making custom barrels for Thompson Center Contender and Encore, and we were expanding a very successful product line for the Ruger 10/22. Since then, we have been expanding our barrel making business and focusing on long range accuracy.  Barrel production for our Savage and T/C Encore Pro Hunter markets has steadily increased year after year, along with the caliber offerings.  

When we entered the AR15/AR10 market, we did it with Accuracy Barrels® built for long range accuracy, not short, light-weight combat barrels, but rather long and heavy target/varmint barrels.  This development has been complimented by the Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS) movement that has been sweeping the country.  Usinig bolt action rifles and AR-308 rifles in field shooting positions at ranges out to 1,000 yards.  Among our first PRS customers were 5 shooters with Savage rifles.  They ordered our 6mm Creedmoor barrels and reported ALL FIVE were shooting 4-6 inch groups at 1,000 yards.  (That's something like 1/8th inch at 100 yards, only more difficult.)  YES... our reputation for accuracy is now extended into the mainstream market.

Precision Barrel Blanks - An EABCO barrel blank is precision gun drilled from the best Chromoly and Stainless steel alloys. Bore dimensions are reamed consistent to airgauge within .0002" (2/10,000ths) of proper bore dimension. These are then Two-Pass button rifled in the various twist rates we offer to suit particular accuracy requirements.

One at Time Barrel Making - True, center-to-center barrel turning at a rate that minimizes stress while keeping the bore in the middle. True, center-to-center chamber reaming insures centering and linear alignment of the chamber with the bore. Each chamber's headspace is checked and confirmed with gauges. True, center-to-center 11° target crown, applied after finishing, insures that bullets exit the barrel with perfectly even gas pressure.  Finally, they are finished with our signature Brite Crown™, a trademark of E. Arthur Brown Company.

Chambers with Accuracy Potential - Cartridges that work well within a firearm's capability to handle pressure, bolt thrust, and extraction. It stands to reason that cartridges which operate on the outer edge of a gun's capability will have less accuracy potential than cartridges that operate closer to the gun's sweet spot. There is superb potential for accuracy with the cartridges we chamber.

All of our barrels are made in the USA.  They are continually checked and tested during the production process.  Our expert gunsmiths, with their attention to detail, make sure that each and every barrel coming out of our shop meets our high standards.  You can be confident that your EABCO Accuracy Barrel® will make you a better, more accurate shooter.