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Wheeler Professional-89 Gunsmith Screwdriver Set
Wheeler Professional-89 Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

Wheeler Professional-89 Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

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  Wheeler's Professional 89 Piece Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set has everything included in their 72 piece set PLUS additional 15 "specialty bits".
  These 15 additional bits include:
- Weaver/Ruger Scope Ring Clamp Bit  *  Redfield Windage Screw Bit
- Leupold Windage Screw Bit  *  Mauser Stock Bolt Bit  *  Millet Rear Sight Adjustment Bit
- 1911 Grip Screw Bushing Driver  *  Ruger/Colt SA Base Pin Latch Nut Bit
- M1/M14/M1A Rear Sight Bit  *  .062" Pin Punch  *  .093" Pin Punch  *  .118" Pin Punch
- Remington M870/1100/1187 Trigger Plate Pin Punch  *  2 inch #2 Phillips Bit
- Glock Replacement Front Sight Screw Bit  *  S&W Rebound Spring Compressor Tool...
– This Professional 89 piece set has all of the above PLUS the 72 piece Basic set.—„
It includes two handles made from comfortable overmolded plastic. The first is a regular size handle that's good for most jobs, and the second is a slimmer, shorter "Close Quarters" handle that is good for finesse work with smaller bits. Everything is organized and fits neatly in a durable custom box that's ready for the bench or your range kit.
  To see more screw driver sets, visit our Wheeler Home Page.

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