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Warne QD 30mm Rings Black - All Quick Detach Heights
Warne QD 30mm Rings Black - All Quick Detach Heights

Warne QD 30mm Rings Black - All Quick Detach Heights

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Warne Quick Detach 30mm Scope Rings - All Heights, Matte Black
  Quick Detachable Rings - A quick release lever allows these rings to quickly detach and re-attach without losing zero. Set up different scopes on the same rifle and change with the hunting conditions... Or, just use QD rings to bring along an extra "just-in-case" already sighted in back-up scope!
  Alignment, rigidity, and strength… these are the Big Three requirements of a top quality scope mount. Our Warne Steel Scope Mounts do all that and look beautiful, too!
  Alignment - Manufactured by a well-proven and consistent forming process, Warne rings and bases are exactly the same from one production run to the next. Proper alignment is natural when parts are identical. And it results in less scope tension and better shooting accuracy.
  Rigidity - The design, material, and mass of Warne mounts combine to make a mount that’s as close to zero flex as is scientifically possible. This rigidity protects your scope while it enhances the accuracy of your shooting.
  Strength - Four screws and a wide surface area hold your scope into each Warne ring. Also on each ring, there’s a stainless steel recoil key that fits (like a glove) into a slot on any Weaver Style or Picatinny Spec mounting base. That's STRONG. For bases, see our Warne Scope Base Web Page.

Height from top of base to bottom of 30mm scope tube
ItemRingHeight ItemRingHeight
213LMLow.250"216LMExtra High.650"
214LMMedium.375"217LMUltra High.850"

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