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Volquartsen Ultralite 10/22 Barrel with 1/2 x28 Threads
Volquartsen Ultralite 10/22 Barrel with 1/2 x28 Threads

Volquartsen Ultralite 10/22 Barrel with 1/2 x28 Threads

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Volquartsen Ultralite 16.5" 10/22 Barrel
15 Oz Base Weight with Threaded Muzzle Swings On Target Fast

Designed for receiver mounted scopes, this new carbon fiber tension barrel weighs in at the lightest possible base weight... Only 15 oz! And accuracy is superb. The stainless steel inner barrel is tensioned into a carbon fiber sleeve... This gives it the same stiffness and vibration deadening as a heavy all steel target barrel. The light weight is especially handy for fast action competition shooters but, hunters will appreciate the light weight too.
The Volquartsen approach to accuracy in these barrels is this: The stainless steel core of these barrels is referred to as "THM" for Taper Honed Match barrel and chamber. The bore and chamber dimensions vary no more than .0001" from breech to muzzle... That's 1/10,000th of an inch. "Taper Honed" refers to the polish of the bore and the improved transition from the chamber to the bore. Dimensions are confirmed by digital measurements. Due to the barrel design it is not/cannot be drilled & tapped for scope mount. Diameter of barrel is .920".
These 16.5" barrels come with the muzzle threaded 1/2 x28 to fit popular muzzle brakes and suppressors. And, an attractive thread protector is included for those who like to shoot without muzzle accessories. Quite a unique system... Order Yours Today!

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