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Volquartsen Masters Custom Mk III Pistol FFL Required
Volquartsen Masters Mk III Pistol with Laminated Grip

Volquartsen Masters Custom Mk III Pistol FFL Required

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Volquartsen Masters Custom Mk III Pistol
  The Masters features a 6.5" match, digitally-gauged barrel. The aluminum alloy-finned underlug draws the heat away from the bore to help maintain a relatively constant temperature. The top rib features our .125" wide front blade sight and our custom TL Rear Adjustable Sight. The rib is cut with dovetails to accommodate optics. The compensator is a unique design allowing rapid fire.
  The Masters weight and design make it a perfect choice whether off a bench or a two-handed offhand competition.
  A Complete Pistol - Built on a factory Ruger Mk III (included). First, we start by tuning the action using our own MKIII accurizing kit, as well as installing a pretravel adjustment screw to the trigger to achieve a crisp, clean 2.25 lb. trigger pull. Our high tech Volthane grips (Right hand only) are standard on all of our Mark III pistols unless otherwise noted. We use only stainless steel ?match? digitally gauged blanks on all of our pistol models, and we use the same chamber and bore dimensions on each of our pistols models, as well. The chamber is hand cut using our own unique reamer. The feed ramp is also hand polished to ensure proper functioning. Each pistol comes standard with our TL Rear Adjustable Sight and a .125" wide front dovetail sight unless noted. A Weaver style mount is available as an upgrade option. All pistols have a stainless finish, but a matte black finish is also available.

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