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Volquartsen LLV-4 Compensator Black

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Volquartsen LLV-4 Compensator Black
Screw on compensator/muzzle brake fits the Volquartsen LLV-4 Upper (barrel) for Ruger® MK IV® pistols. Beautifully shaped to match the unique contour of the LLV-4 system. It is CNC-machined from an aluminum alloy to minimize weight and black hard anodized for durability. Installs directly onto the threaded muzzle of your LLV-4 Upper... Uses a knurled nut to secure to the muzzle threads. Pin wrench for installation is included.

Order Sights and LLV-4 Upper Separately
LLV-4 Target Sights | LLV-4 Upper (barrel)

  • Fits the Volquartsen LLV-4 Upper (barrel) for Ruger MK IV Pistols

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