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Volquartsen Competition Bolt for Ruger Mark II and Mark III Pistols
Volquartsen Competition Bolt

Volquartsen Competition Bolt for Ruger Mark II and Mark III Pistols

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Part Number:140-MCB

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Model and Finish
Ruger MkII Silver CrN
Ruger MkIII Silver CrN
Ruger MkII Black DLC
Ruger MkIII Black DLC

Volquartsen Competition Bolt for Ruger Mk II, or Mk III Pistol
    A Volquartsen Competition Bolt improves the reliability and functionality of your Ruger Mk II or Mk III Pistol. The most obvious feature is the extended gripping knob at the rear of the bolt... It's much easier to grasp than the factory bolt. Also incorporated into this bolt are an Exact Edge Extractor and a SureStrike Firing Pin...
   These two parts will eliminate stovepipes and misfires. And like all Volquartsen premium parts, the machining and assembly of these bolts are held to closer fitting tolerances than factory mass production parts. 
  Mk II Bolt vs Mk III Bolt - They're identical in function except the Mk III has an actuator for the Loaded Chamber Indicator. If you have removed the LCI or just don't have one (Paclite or LLV barrel for example), use the Mk II bolt.

5 Stars
the bolt functions fiawlessly. wish I could afford to replace all remaining bolts on ruger mkiii I own.
Reviewed by:  from clio michigan. on 6/25/2017
5 Stars
Nicely engineered piece of art. Very solid feel, easy to charge bolt, and very smooth. I bought two because I liked the first one so much, I got another for my MK II
Reviewed by:  from St. Charles, MI. on 3/21/2017
5 Stars
Excellent product. Seems a bit pricey but it solves most intermittent problems with failures to fire, stove pipes. I find it works well with standard or high velocity ammo. A must if you are doing competitive bullseye with a MK III.
Reviewed by:  from NJ. on 1/28/2017
5 Stars
Loved the competition but gave you page sucks
Reviewed by:  from The Villages. on 11/30/2016
5 Stars
Can't a better bolt
This is my second bolt for my Ruger pistols, as soon as I save up for the third one I willb e ordering it. Super quality and function. Would love to have one in all my Rugers. Smooth operation and positive feed and fire each time. Easy to keep clean and lubed.
Reviewed by:  from Arizona. on 10/13/2016
5 Stars
The Best
Everything Volquartsen is superior quality. I own two of their rifles (a 22LR and 22WMR) and a Ruger MKIII pistol fully upgraded with VQ parts, trigger and bolt. There's no risk in buying Volquartsen. If you can afford it, it's better than anything else you can buy.
Reviewed by:  from Bellaire. on 10/7/2016
4 Stars
target shooter
Fit and finish of this bolt is excellent. The extended knob at the rear makes it much easier to operate manually. There is one problem though that volquartsen fails to mention. This bolt is 7% heavier than the Ruger. What this means is that some of your standard velocity ammo will no longer cycle the action properly. As long as you use 1150 or higher velocity, it works great.
Reviewed by:  from mid-west. on 1/5/2016
5 Stars
Initially I bought the add- on bolt extender, which were the small clip ons but there were some design flaws. When I called Volquartsen, they agreed and said they would send me the latest designed extended bolt. The people there were extremely friendly, understanding and very courteous. Definitely a five star company. Bottom line is the product is fantastic. I have been using it on my Mark III Hunter with wonderful results for three years now. The extender fits perfectly, it strong and easy to grasp and pull and after thousands of rounds it certainly stands up to the task at hand. Everything about this extended bolt comes as advertised. I highly recommend this company and it's products.
Reviewed by:  from Treasure Island, Florida. on 6/26/2015
5 Stars
Well made and hard chrome plated! Includes upgrade firing pin and precision extractor! Looks good-feels good and functions well! A worthwhile improvement to my Ruger III competition pistol! Well made and hard chrome plated! Look good-feels fgood and functions perfectly! Bolt includes upgrade firing pin and extractor!
Reviewed by:  from Marina Calif 93933. on 4/20/2015

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