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Volquartsen 22/45 Aluminum Frame
Volquartsen 1911 Style Aluminum Frame for Ruger Mk II, Mk III, and 22/45

Volquartsen 22/45 Aluminum Frame

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Volquartsen 22/45 Aluminum Frame for Ruger Mk II, III, 22/45 Barrels
A Complete Frame Replacement... Includes Accuracy System Internal Parts

Our Volquartsen Custom 22/45 Frame is CNC machined from aluminum alloy. Weighing only 7.1 oz, it is a complete frame with all internal parts including the Volquartsen Accuracy Kit: Extended Bolt Release, CNC machined Target Trigger, wire EDM cut Target Hammer and Target Sear, Titanium Disconnector, Built-in Spring Loaded Magazine Ejector and Extended Safety.

Each Volquartsen Frame is shipped with a clean, crisp 2.25 lb trigger pull. And by popular request, the Mk III magazine disconnect has been eliminated.
Fits 1911 Style Grips and 22/45 Magazines - This is a complete frame. All you add to complete a gun is your Ruger Mk II, Mk III, or 22/45* upper (barrel, bolt, and mainspring housing), 1911 style grips, and 22/45 compatible magazine. *In order to use this frame on a Mk II/III upper, a new 22/45 mainspring housing, grips and magazine is required. Please note that this frame has the grip frame angle similar to the 22/45 steel frame. Main Spring Housing Sold Separately if needed (Use your 22/45 mainspring Housing).

Be sure to visit our Volquartsen Home Page.

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