The Basics of TriggerTech Replacement Triggers

I've been establishing a new line of trigger replacements and gaining alot of product knowledge I want to share with you. TriggerTech is a Canadian outfit who's triggers we attempted to sell a few years ago. They weren't able to keep us supplied back then so we had to quit them and sell the more readily available Timney brand instead. Well, TriggerTech went through some ownership and capitalization changes since then and they've not only grown but gained an excellent reputation for innovation and quality. Here's the gist of what I've learned.

1. Innovation... TriggerTech's original innovation was placing a roller bearing between the trigger sear engagement surfaces. This presumably removes all friction from the sear engagement. They call this FRT... Frictionless Release Technology... And advertise "zero creep"... That's also known as "take-up". That's a pretty bold promise.

- They also pre-set the overtravel to .010" or less and reset to.030" or less. Also a bold promise. They call this TKR technology and it incorporates an extra part they call a "ticker" to accomplish that feat.

- You can adjust the pull weight and they've incorporated a precise detent and set screw system. This adjusts the pull weight in increments of .2 oz and can't slip or migrate out of adjustment. On Rem 700 triggers you can reach this screw without taking the rifle out of the stock. On AR-15s, you can reach it by just tipping the upper forward. They call this CLKR Technology.

- And, on AR-15 triggers, they've incorporated "flat wire" into the trigger spring. This allows more coils, which makes for a smoother, more consistent/reliable trigger force. They call this FLTWR Technology.

2. Simple Model Differentiation... At first glance there are so many models on the price sheet, it looks overwhelming. But in reality it all comes down to the adjustability range and the style of the actual trigger your finger engages.

- Adjustability is like, "adjusts from 2.5-5lbs". It's actually printed on the side of the Remington Triggers.

- Trigger Style is one of three... Original curved with grooves in the face, straight flat with a plain wide face and a nub on the bottom, and finally Pro Curved with a plain wide face. These are offered in either stainless or black finishes.

3. Learned Something New... They offer three main models: AR-15, Remington 700, and Remington 700 CLONES. Clones are copies of the Remington 700. There have always been more precise versions of the Rem 700 offered by companies like Pacific Tool and Gauge, etc. But now with the demise of Remington, there are companies turning out complete bolt action rifles that are based on their own Remington 700 clone receiver (for example Bergara). Anyway, the clones don't use the Remington style bolt release on the bottom of the trigger assembly. They use one on top side of the receiver. So TriggerTech has triggers for Remington 700 Clones that don't have the bolt release on the bottom. AND, their triggers for Remington factory receivers/rifles have the standard Remington style bolt release on the bottom.

- Here's a take-away from this knowledge... Our Remage barrels are compatible with both factory and clone Rem700s... (I think).

- The #1 and #2 Best Selling TriggerTech models are the Rem 700 Clone Diamond straight and curved trigger models.

4. Which Reminds Me... We asked TriggerTech to identify their top ten best selling models. We ordered in 7 of them. AND, that's what I have written up and illustrated on our shopping cart under the TriggerTech brand...