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Timney THE-HIT Long Range Precision Trigger fits Rem 700 and Clones
Timney "HIT" Trigger for Long Range Accuracy

Timney THE-HIT Long Range Precision Trigger fits Rem 700 and Clones

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THE HIT Trigger for Long Range Precision Shooting
Fits Remington 700 Rifles and Clones, Adjusts from 8 oz to 2 lbs

- Featuring Timney's latest innovations in geometry and locking sear engagement, THE HIT is a trigger that will deliver precision and consistency for thousands of rounds. In fact, Timney torture tested this new trigger on well over 4000 rounds fired down range. And the trigger performance stayed exactly the same from the first to the last shot. Now available for Remington 700 Rifles!
- To be clear... THE-HIT is fully adjustable for pull weight and over travel. But the Sear Engagement is finely tuned by experts and then LOCKED in its optimum position.
- Note: THE HIT has replaced Timney models TS-010, 520CE, and 520CE-16


  • Sear Engagement Adjustment Lock design (SEAL'd)
  • Completely New and Different Geometry - Fits Rem 700 AND Clones!
  • Tough and Simple yet Precise and Delicately Adjustable from 8 oz to 2 lbs.
  • All Parts Precision Machined (not molded nor stamped)
  • Sear and Trigger are Heat Treated to 56 Rockwell for Wear Resistance
  • Contrasting Black Oxide and NP-3 internal finishes for maximum lubricity

- Competitors in the tactical Long Range shooting sports have to shoot and move from different positions and distances. They shoot full power centerfire ammunition with heavy recoil. They have to get on target and figure their aim points within the allotted time. Its a tough sport that's tough on shooters as well as the equipment they shoot.
- Timney's "The Hit" trigger was built to thrive in the long range shooting sports. So whether you compete or you hunt long range in difficult terrain... THE HIT should be the next trigger upgrade for your Remington 700 (or Rem 700 Clone)... Order Your's Today!

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