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Timney 511 Remington 700 Left Hand Trigger Black w/Safety
Timney 511 Remington Trigger

Timney 511 Remington 700 Left Hand Trigger Black w/Safety

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Timney 511 Triggers for Remington 700 Rifles
Complete Replacement of Trigger and Safety System, Adjustable 1.5-4 lb., Left Hand, Black
- The Timney Triggers for your Remington 700 will give you a perfect trigger pull for your best accuracy potential. Adjustable for take-up, over-travel, and trigger pull weight from 1.5-4 lbs, these triggers are held to far tighter tolerances than factory triggers... The geometry on these triggers is held to within .0005 inch (5/10,000ths of an inch) for perfect and consistent fit and function! The 511 is the same as the Timney 510 only its left handed.
- There are also two main design differences in the Timney Triggers vs the Remington factory triggers: First, the trigger is made from a solid block of heat treated steel with no "connector bar". Second, the Timney Triggers have a completely different and superior safety design that blocks the trigger, not the sear. There is no way to move the trigger when it is on safety, so when you take it off safety, it remains in the same position. (BUT REMEMBER: Never trust ANY safety... Always keep every firearm pointed in a safe direction).
- These triggers come with Photo Illustrated Instructions.

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