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Timney 502B Remington 700 Benchrest Trigger

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Part Number: 112-502B
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Timney Triggers 502B
Remington 700 Benchrest Single Stage Trigger

- Adjustable without removing the barreled action from the stock. The pull weight and overtravel of the 502B trigger are fully adjustable after simply removing the trigger guard. Benchrest shooters do not have to upset their bedding system to fine tune their trigger!
- The 502B trigger is fully self contained, a single stage, 100% drop-in ready to install trigger. It will already be adjusted and give a smooth, crisp 2 oz. trigger pull with no gunsmithing, fitting, or adjusting required.
- PLEASE NOTE: The Timney Model 502B Benchrest single stage trigger comes standard with no safety nor bolt stop.

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