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Thompson Center Strike 50 Cal. Muzzle Loader Rifle - Armornite/Black-SOLD OUT
Thompson Center Strike 50 Cal Muzzleloader Rifle

Thompson Center Strike 50 Cal. Muzzle Loader Rifle - Armornite/Black-SOLD OUT

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Part Number:207-10291

TC Strike Muzzle Loading Rifle
An advanced in-line muzzle loader from the former employees of Thompson Center Arms. The Strike combines common sense, innovation, and the very best materials into a muzzle loading rifle that's optimized for accuracy. This rifle comes with a factory mounted Weaver Style base.  Hurry, quantity is limited! We got this batch of Strikes as a clearance deal, and don't have many!


The primer adapter eliminates the need for threading inside the barrel which is the leading cause of seized breech plugs. Adapt™ Breech System also allows you the ability to change out your primer adapter to different configurations, which will optimize ignition performance with your propellant of choice.


QLA® allows the shooter to quickly and easily load his/her muzzleloader by incorporating a false muzzle design into the end of the barrel.

STEALTH STRIKER™ - Hammers are noisy and hard to reach with a scope. The innovation Stealth Striker™ system is quiet, easy to use and gives the best clearance for scopes. Slide it forward till it locks and shoot, that's it! No more fumbling.

MATCH-GRADE TRIGGER - A crisp, consistent and light trigger pull are crucial and essential to your accuracy. The T/C Strike's light pull and zero overtravel will make you a better, more confident shooter.

PRECISION RIFLED BARREL WITH QLA® - There is no more important part to your rifle than your barrel. Accurate out of the box and our Armornite™ coating keeps it that way.

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