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Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter Flextech Rifle Stock Set

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Thompson Center ProHunter FlexTech Composite Stock Set 

Includes Buttstock, Forend and forend screws, grip cap with screws, QD Sling Swivel Stud, Recoil pad installed.  
Fit: Buttstock (207-7879) fits TC Encore & ProHunter frames; Forend (207-7569) fits Encore, ProHunter barrels with heavy/ProHunter contour.  

Ultra recoil reduction technology with TC's patented recoil management system: Flextech with Sims LimbSaver recoil pad, reducing felt recoil by 43%, and absorbs harmful recoil that can loosen scopes and cause pain and discomfort.  LimbSaver recoil pad has dual compression chambers that displaces the shock over a broad spectrum... resulting in better performance and comfort.  

Buttstock has 14" LOP.  

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