I remember my first experience with Mildot scopes was with a cheap Tasco. It was advertised as a "true" Mildot reticle and it looked SO COOL... Mildot reticles were only available on the most expensive riflescopes in those days. These Tasco mildot scopes were hot sellers for a few years but I think it was mainly due to the Cool Factor of the technical appearance of the mildot reticle.

While the Tasco mildot was dimensionally "True", the scope itself adjusted in 1/4" per click increments at 100 yards. This has no relation to the "Mils" of a mildot reticle... At least not without some calculations. And to further complicate things, the reticle was located in the SECOND FOCAL PLANE (SFP)... So that any change in magnification would change any dimensional relationship between the reticle and the target. Original military mildot scopes were fixed power at 10X so they never had to deal with the magnification issues. Military snipers were taught to use 10X mildot reticles for range finding as well as aiming reference. A lot more mildot scopes followed, in all price ranges and the vast majority were still "1/4 inch per click at 100 yards" and SFP reticle.

Then came the FIRST FOCAL PLANE (FFP) reticles.  I think the first ones were from Shepherd Scopes and Horus Vision. "First Focal Plane" means the reticle doesn't change in its dimensional relationship to the target when you change magnification. In other words, the reticle zooms in and out along with the target.  Shepherd was famous for their "One Shot Zero" capability.  Horusvision was famous for their exotic FFP grid reticles and computers. But both lines of scopes were very expensive and out of the range of most hunter's pocketbooks.

With long range shooting disciplines like PRS, the options are endless.  There are all manner of expensive scopes with technical reticles and SFP/FFP reticle placement. Good quality FFP scopes are still expensive BUT they have come down somewhat in price.   

Why we like the Hawke 4-16x50mm FFP Mildot-
We have been carrying Hawke brand for quite some time.  They make excellent scopes and we have had a great relationship with them.  That's one reason why we jumped at the chance at the remaining inventory on these scopes.  Besides the premium FFP mildot, it also has the mil adjustment knobs, which is more accurate.  The 4-16x50 has low enough magnification for hunting, but high enough for serious PRS Competitions.  Click on the product below for more details!  This scope just happens to be a previous model, and for that reason, we are able to mark the cost down considerably!  

  • Ultimate Reticle Design - Hawke FFP Mil is designed for FFP scopes.
  • Ultimate Reticle Technology - First Focal Plane (FFP).
  • Sychronized Mil Reticle Markings with Mil Adjustment Knobs (10 clicks per mil).
  • 4-16x50mm is low enough magnification for hunting yet high enough for serious PRS Competition.
  • 50mm Objective is Bright Enough for 4-16X Magnification.
  • 30mm Tube Gives Plenty of Adjustment Range.
  • Top Quality Hawke Optics and Design.
  • Was $579... Now On Closeout for Only $399 or less.
  • (Brand New, In-The-Box, Full Factory Warranty)
"I have experience with another Hawke scope. They make excellent products at reasonable prices. This scope is a BARGAIN. First focal plane, and excellent clarity. Used the reticle at different magnification to test the accuracy of the scope and it was bang on. This scope is a no brainer. If you’re interested, you will NOT find this scope at a better price. Buy it!"  -Reuben 5/30/20

Best of luck to you on your next hunt! 
Eben Brown