It's quite amazing, really.  A firearm that is compatible with multiple applications: rifle, pistol, shotgun and muzzle loader.  Imagine the precision and innovation it takes to create a system that works so seamlessly together, all the mechanics involved, and the detail -- we like it!  

Starting with their original Thompson Center Contender Pistol, invented by Warren Center and manufactured by Thompson Investment Casting, the company expanded and grew for several years. The original TC Contender was then replaced by the larger Thompson Center Encore and new G2 Contender. Handgun Hunting was the original focus of these guns... and they have out-sold all challengers by a mile. The amazing success of Thompson Center Arms in recent years has been in full length rifle, muzzle loader, and shotgun versions of the TC Encore. 

It's easy to take something that works so well for granted but, Thompson Center Arms is the only gun maker in the history of the world to succeed with a mass produced switch-barrel firearm.  By simply removing the forend and pivot pin, you can change your Encore to a barrel chambered for a different rifle cartridge. Or, change to a muzzle loader or shotgun barrel. All Encore and Pro Hunter frames, barrels and stocks are interchangeable, making hundreds of variations from Slug Rifles to Centerfire, Rimfire and Muzzleloader.  These barrels don't have to be individually fitted to your TC Encore frame either. Every Thompson Center Encore barrel fits on every Thompson Center Encore frame right off the shelf with no modifications. And they will match accuracy shot-for-shot with the best mass production fixed barrel rifles, too.  Note, the T/C Encore Pro Hunter is a larger frame than the T/C Contender and Contender G2 -- you cannot mix Contender/G2 parts with the Encore Pro Hunter.

Here at EABCO, we support the Encore Pro Hunter platform with endless options to improve accuracy, customize and innovate.  EABCO became involved with Thompson Center Arms back in the 1980's. Beginning with the TC Contender, our founder Eben Brown started shooting handgun metallic silhouette (IHMSA) with a 10" Thompson Center Contender pistol chambered for 357 Maximum. A love of single-shots developed into a lifetime career. We had a fledgling mail order business selling accessories when the TC Contender inspired us to go into manufacturing our own single shot... the BF Ultimate Silhouette Falling Block Pistol. The BF Pistol went on to eventually dominate the International Championships of IHMSA Silhouette, year after year.

Our experience at designing and building long range, world champion single shots gives us a unique perspective from which we can highly recommend the Thompson Center Encore. We carry the full line of T/C Arms factory barrels in various calibers, lengths and finish.  EABCO has also built its reputation on manufacturing Accuracy Barrels for the T/C Encore Pro Hunter.  We make over 40 variation in caliber and finish, and we also offer custom options with over 100 calibers to choose from.  You can read about our barrel making process here.  

With every T/C Encore Pro Hunter frame purchase, you will receive a $50 coupon toward an EABCO Encore Accuracy Barrel.  We will also give you a deal if you purchase a stock set and barrel together.  We want to help you build your barrel collection and expand your accuracy potential.  Have fun shooting!