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TetraGun Lubricants - Fluoropolymer Gun Lubes ORMD Aerosal
TetraGun Lubricants - Fluoropolymer Gun Lubes

TetraGun Lubricants - Fluoropolymer Gun Lubes ORMD Aerosal

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TetraGun Fluoropolymer Gun Lubricants
  Fluoropolymer is a surface treatment for metal surfaces. It actually fills and seals microscopic low spots, creating an extremely low friction bearing surface. TetraGun is a fluoropolymer developed especially for guns. In gun barrels, it has been known to increase velocities while reducing the shot to shot fouling. It is extremely slick for lubricating moving parts. Smooths opening and closing of actions. Increases cycle time of semi-automatics.
  Tetragun is Available Four Ways...
- TetraGun Lubricant is a white, creamy lubricant for applying to action parts and gun bores. It is the all-around TetraGun Lubricant if you would prefer to have just one for everything.
- TetraGun Grease is a white grease to use primarily for smothing the function of slow moving parts like levers, sliding blocks, trigger sear surfaces, etc.
- TetraGun SLC is a Spray Lubricant and Cleaner. Use this like a cleaning solvent for regular gun cleaning. It is also a good re-fresher treatment for surfaces you have treated with TetraGun Lubricant.

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