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Tandemkross VictoryPro Magazine Bumpers for SW22 Victory (2-Pack)

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VictoryPro Mag Bumpers for SW22 Victory (2-Pack)
- Package includes two bumper pad magazine bases to install on your factory SW22 Victory magazines. Action Pistol Shooters always install "Bumper Pads" on their magazine bases to enhance their magazine swaps. The bumper pad extends a little further below the frame so that you can "bump" the magazine solidly into the gun with the palm of your hand. These VictoryPro bumpers also have knobs sticking out on the sides to make gripping easier and more slip free when pulling magazines out of your mag holders. Kit upgrades two (2) factory mags.
- Installation is simple: Just disassemble your factory magazines and replace the bases with the VictoryPro Mag Bumpers! Order your's today!

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