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Tactical Solutions Stainless Steel Ruger 10/22 V-Block
Tactical 10/22 V-Block - Secures Barrel With No Barrel Sag.

Tactical Solutions Stainless Steel Ruger 10/22 V-Block

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  Barrel droop or barrel sag is a consideration when you're seeking optimum accuracy and scope alignment with the Ruger 10/22. The standard slip-fit of the barrel to the receiver can be drawn or pulled downward as it is tighten onto the receiver with the factory V-Block. The extent of this barrel sag (or droop) will vary, depending on how loose the slip fit of the barrel is to the frame.
  The Tactical V-Block is designed to wedge the barrel upward at the same time as it is tightened into the receiver. This reduces the downward tightening force and prevents barrel sag significantly. This results in better scope alignment and scope zero settings closer to the sweet spot of scope center. Precision machined from high tensile stainless steel, the V-Block is also stronger than the original factory V-Block, which is a casting. Secure your Ruger 10/22 barrel strong, straight, and consistent with a Tactical 10/22 V-Block!
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