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TC Pro Hunter XT Muzzle Loader 209x50 28
TC Pro Hunter XT Muzzle Loader Barrel 28" BLUE 209x50

TC Pro Hunter XT Muzzle Loader 209x50 28" Blue Barrel w/ Speed Breech Plug

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 TC Pro Hunter XT 209x50 Barrel w/Speed Breech XT

Original Encore "Endeavor" barrels are now called Pro Hunter XT Muzzle Loader Barrels
- Fits Thompson Center Encore, Pro Hunter and Endeavor frames. This Pro Hunter XT barrel is 28" long, finished in blue steel, 209x50 caliber, and fluted like a Pro Hunter barrel. The feature that is unique to the Pro Hunter XT is the Speed Breech XT Breech Plug. The Speed Breech XT is removable "in-the-field" with no tools... Grab it between thumb and forefinger, twist it 90°, and pull it out by hand! That's especially handy if you forgot to load powder and have a bullet stuck, or if you got your powder wet and need to clear your gun. Just remove the Speed Breech XT breech plug by hand, clear your gun, re-install the Speed Breech XT and you're back into your hunt!

Here are the Advantages of the Pro Hunter XT 209x50 Barrel:
- Speed Breech Removal Breech Plug (no Tools Needed).
- Swing Away Extractor... Gets out of the way of the Speed Breech.
- Premium 28" Fluted Stainless 209x50 Barrel with QLA.
- TC Power Rod ramrod with swing out T-handle.
- Fully Adjustable Fiber Optic Sights Included.
- Drilled and Tapped for scope mounting or PeepRib® Sight System.


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