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TC Pro Hunter Rifle Frame 1883 Stainless w/Thumbhole Camo Stocks
TC Pro Hunter Rifle Frame Thumbhole Stainless-Camo

TC Pro Hunter Rifle Frame 1883 Stainless w/Thumbhole Camo Stocks

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Part Number: 207-1883
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T/C Pro Hunter Rifle Stainless Frame Assembly with Flextech Thumbhole Camo Buttstock and Forend
The most successful switch barrel platform in history!  Use the same frame, and interchange barrels from almost a hundred rifle & pistol calibers: rimfire, centerfire, shotgun, slug & muzzleloader!

Frame fits either Encore or Pro Hunter barrels and accessories.  Complete your rifle with a barrel.  Pro Hunter frames are engraved with "Pro Hunter" logo on the receiver and a swivel hammer for thumb clearance on low mounted scopes.  Premium Stainless frames are durable and accurate.  

Optimize your frame with an EABCO Action Job (check box above).  Mass production doesn't leave time for cleaning up and tuning the trigger mechanism.  Our expert gunsmiths put time and skill into tuning your action to its optimum potential.  We grind sear surfaces to mate squarely, polish out seams left by molding process, shim parts that need to return to the same position from shot to shot, adjust spring tensions, and set over travel screws.  Results are safe, clean triggers of approx. 2.5-3 lbs pull.  (Factory pull is approx 4.5 lbs.)

Save More!  Purchase your action job with the frame and get $10 off! (Reg. $85)

We are not only your preferred TC retailer... At EABCO, our Expert Gunsmiths manufacture Premium and Custom Accuracy Barrels for your Encore & ProHunter.   Buy your frame here and start your barrel collection with an EABCO Accuracy Barrel.

Stock Sets - We offer a wide variety of TC factory stock sets, Revolution laminated stock sets and even tactical stocks.  Buy your stock set with your frame and save an addition $10.
When you order, download your dealer FFL or ask that dealer to FAX (320-834-3002) or email (ffl@eabco.com) a copy of their FFL to us (EABCO) along with your name and order number. We'll ship your order to your dealer where you can go and pick it up.  

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