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TC Encore and Contender G2 Action/Trigger Job
TC Encore and Contender G2 Action Job or Trigger Job

TC Encore and Contender G2 Action/Trigger Job

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EABCO Action Job Tunes Your Trigger
You need a nice trigger to shoot your best, but... Mass production doesn't leave time for cleaning up and tuning of trigger mechanisms. So, your original Encore, Pro Hunter, or Contender may not have as nice of a trigger pull as you'd like.

Our TC "Action Job" puts the time and skill into tuning up your action to its optimum potential. We grind sear surfaces to mate squarely, polish out seams left by the parts molding process, shim parts that need to return to the same position from shot to shot, adjust spring tensions, and set over travel screws. If you don't already have a trigger over travel screw, we will install one. Results are safe, clean triggers of approximately 2.5 to 3lb. pull. Turn around time for this service is approximately 1-2 weeks.

  We have TC Encore and Contender frames, barrels, stocks, scope mounts... Everything!  
   Note: We do NOT need your barrel, buttstock, forend or hinge pin when you send in your action for this service. Thank you.

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