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TC Encore Adjustable Hinge Pin
TC Encore Adjustable Hinge Pin

TC Encore Adjustable Hinge Pin

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Adjustable Hinge Pin for TC Encore and Pro Hunter
  This Adjustable Diameter Hinge Pin can improve the lock-up of your TC Encore, Pro Hunter, or Endeavor. It gives the tightening effect of a larger pin without the potential for damage and without giving up your barrel interchangeability. This Adjustable Encore Hinge Pin requires no modification to your gun or your forend. Just slip it into the hinge pin hole as you assemble your Encore frame and barrel. Then, use the two Allen wrenches (included) to tighten the pin and lock it into place. 

The Adjustable Hinge Pin vs. Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin - What's the Difference?
Both hinge pins are effective.  The adjustable hinge pin expands to tighten into place.  The locker hinge pin locks into position with a slight lip so the hinge pin cannot move from side to side.

Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin

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