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T/C Encore 20 MOA Scope Base
T/C Encore 20 MOA Base

T/C Encore 20 MOA Scope Base

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T/C Encore 20 MOA Scope Base
Adds 20 Minutes Of Angle for Long Distance Shooting
- Here's how it works: This Encore 20 MOA scope base adds 200 inches of elevation at 1000 yards. A typical scope that adjusts ¼" per click at 100 yards takes about 80 clicks to add 200 inches of elevation at 1000 yards. That's too many clicks for most scopes. So, this base makes it possible for you to sight in your Encore or Pro Hunter for extreme distance shooting!
- What About Shorter Distances? Good question! The 20 MOA Encore base is all about keeping your scope zero as close as possible to the center of the scope for shooting longer distances. A typical 100 yard zero on a conventional 0 MOA scope base might have 75 inches of drop at 500 yards. The 20 MOA base gives 100 inches of elevation at 500 yards... And with that base, a typical scope only has to adjust 12 clicks from center to zero at 500 yards. The base itself is enough elevation to zero a centered scope at 600-800 yards depending on cartridge and velocity.
- Who Needs 20 MOA? If you want to shoot at distances from 400-1000 yards, you need this Encore 20 MOA Scope Base. If you will be shooting from 25-400 yards, a standard (0 MOA) scope base would be more suitable.
- Free 6-Screw Installation w/Purchase of a Barrel - Certainly this scope base will fit the standard 4-hole Thompson Center scope mounting system. But when you order it with a new barrel, we'll drill and tap two additional holes and do a full 6-Screw installation at no additional charge ($30 value).

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