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Swift Riflescopes Premier SRP 2-7X40mm Matte
Swift Riflescopes Premier SRP 2-7X40mm Matte

Swift Riflescopes Premier SRP 2-7X40mm Matte

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Swift Riflescopes Premier 658M SRP 2-7x40mm Matte

The BEST 2-7x for Deer Hunting in Woods.  Seasoned deer hunters will tell you, often the toughest shots are less than 60 yards -- because of 2 reasons: low light of dawn and dusk when deer are most active, AND the difficulty of timing your trigger squeeze and aim with an opening in the branches as a deer moves through the brush.  With a 40mm Wide Angle objective, you get the brightest sight picture and widest field of view.  The Speed-Fucus eyepiece, fully multicoated optics and full saddle construction make it an SRP.   Signature Quadraplex cross-hair reticle is perfect for multi-use and easy to read.   

  • Light Amplifying
  • Eye Relief - 2.9/2.7"
  • Low Profile Target knobs for elevation and windage adjustments with dust covers
  • Fully multi-coated lenses with full saddle one piece 1" tube construction
  • Speed Focus eye pieces for best reticle focus.  
  • Free screw-on sun shade
  • Length: 12.2"
  • Weight: 14.8 oz
  • FOV 100 Yds: 60-25'

Flip Open cover size: Eye 17 and Objective 27
Honey-Comb Sunshade: Size 2

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