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Standard Model 97D Rifle 24'', Blue Steel and Black Anodize, 6.5mm BRM
Base Model 97D Rifle Blue

Standard Model 97D Rifle 24'', Blue Steel and Black Anodize, 6.5mm BRM

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Standard Model 97D Rifle 24"
6.5mm BRM 1:8, Blue Steel and Black Anodize

Our "Standard Model" 97D Rifles are a single shot, falling block design. They feature a 24" blue steel barrel and receiver, black anodized stock transition, precision machined scope base, and swivel studs as pictured above. Stocks are plain but genuine walnut. They come with a right handed stock but if you're left handed, we can swap in our ambidextrous stock for an additional $50. You can customize your 97D with engraving/etching, French Gray finishing, muzzle brake...

Each 97D Rifle takes approximately one year to build. The time and capital commitment for each production run simply does not allow for production in large quantities. And so, a good percentage of them are already sold before the production run is finished. This year for example, we only had three Standard Model rifles available for sale after filling our back orders.

Features At-A-Glance:
-Inherent Accuracy... Design, Construction, Match Grade Barrel.
-Points Naturally... Stock aligns your eye instinctively for Scope Sighting.
-Mild to Moderate Recoil... Guns that kick hard are harder to shoot well.

  • 1 1/2-2lb Range Trigger Pull Weight
  • 6lb Overall Rifle Weight

Accuracy and Shootability are FUN - When you were a kid, remember how good a shot you became just by having fun plinking with your BB gun? The 97D Rifle gives the same kind of fun factor... And by the time hunting season rolls around, you are one deadly accurate, shot placing Rifleman!

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