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Speed Strip Master Grade Kit for Ruger 22/45
Master Grade Speed Strip Kit

Speed Strip Master Grade Kit for Ruger 22/45

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Part Number: 006-SSM45
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Speed Strip 22/45 Master Grade Kit
Easy Disassembly with Match Grade Trigger Tune-Up
The original Speed Strip kit converts your Ruger Mk II/III 22/45 pistol to disassemble easily by unscrewing one screw. This new ''Master Grade'' kit adds in a Match Grade Action Job and trigger tune.

  • Patented Speed Strip® 2-piece Bolt Stop Pin - Allows for rapid field stripping and reassembly.
  • Hammer and Sear - Precut and honed to produce a match grade trigger pull approx. 2.5 lb.
  • Improved Hammer Bushing - Omits the magazine disconnector.
  • Disconnector Bar - Heat treated stainless steel, guaranteed not to warp or bind. Oversized Sear Tab (needs final fitting). Provides short trigger stroke (approx. 1/16'') and quick reset.
  • Dedicated Speed Trigger - (22/45) - Longer, with a smooth face for the best trigger feel. Overtravel adjustment screw for a clean let-off.

Compatibility: This Kit Fits Mk II/III 22/45 Pistols (NOT Mk I, II, III, NOT MKIV)

Ruger® Mark I,II/III/IV®, 22/45® are registrered trademarks of Ruger Firearms Corp.

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