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Sierra Infinity Seven Ballistic Software

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Sierra Infinity Seven Ballistic Software - Coming Soon!
Version 7 Will Be Shipping Sometime This Spring... You Can Backorder Now if You Like. 

  Sierra Infinity Seven Ballistic Software allows you to calculate the trajectory of your hunting bullet so you know how high or low it is at all distances.
  Sierra Infinity V7 - Full function Ballistic Software. Just type in the velocity and select the bullet... Infinity 7 does all of the calculations in an instant. You can even type in different environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed. We used this software extensively in developing our Bench Rest Magnum series of cartridges and our Trajectory Technical Report.
  Sierra makes their own line of bullets, so it is surprising to see their software includes data on bullets made by the other manufacturers. You'll be able to calculate trajectories on Sierra, Barnes, Berger, Combined Technology, Federal, Hornady, IMI, Lapua, Norma, Nosler, PMC, Remington, Speer, Swift, and Winchester bullets. And if that's not good enough, there's a Custom Bullet capability where you can enter non-standard bullet data.
  In addition, you'll be able to calculate Point Blank Range, Up and Down Hill Trajectories, maximum range, vertical fire, and even do trajectory comparisons. Your trajectory parameters include metric or English units, increments, sight height, etc. This software will calculate exactly what your bullet will do coming out of exactly the gun and sight situation you're firing it from.

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