As the registered owner of the firearm, you can ship rifles and long guns to us for work and we can return it directly back to you, with Adult Signature Required.  Pistols and NEW firearms orders must be shipped to a FFL dealer.  We are required by BATF to have the firearm owner’s signature for legal return.

Requirements for shipping your firearm to us:
  •  Must include a Order Confirmation or completed Work Order (If not placing your order online).
  • Prior to shipping, remove all stocks, scopes, mounts and accessories from your firearm unless they are necessary for the work to be done. 
  • Insure your contents for full retail value. We are not responsible for incoming shipping damage and will contact you if we have determined that your shipment has been damaged in transit to us.
  • Make sure that the firearm is well packed to prevent movement and damage in shipment. There should be a buffer of at least one inch of packing material between your firearm and the box/case. If you are shipping a rifle, wrap extra cardboard around the action to prevent the trigger from punching through the side of the box and getting damaged.
  • Make sure there is no indication that a firearm is enclosed.
  • Choose a box/case that will accommodate the firearm after the work is performed. Adding a stock, muzzle break, etc. increases the dimensions of your firearm, so the box and packing material you use should allow for that change in dimension.
  • IF SHIPPING A COMPLETE RIFLE OR BARRELED ACTION, you must ship in a plastic rifle case enclosed in another box or corrugate.  An inexpensive plastic hard case can be purchased if you do not have one ($15 - $20 at big box or department stores).  Must ship Adult Signature Required.
  • We will return your rifle, rifle frame or long gun with -Insured and Signature Required.  Complete Pistols and pistol frames must ship to and from a licensed FFL dealer.  
  • Shipping Address and Phone Number: E. Arthur Brown Company • 4088 County Road 40 NW • Garfield, MN 56332 • 800-950-9088

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