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Savage Thumbhole Varmint Stock
Savage Thumbhole Varmint Stock - Camo

Savage Thumbhole Varmint Stock

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Savage Thumbhole Varmint Stock for Center Feed Blind Magazine
Pillar Bedded SA Rifle Stock fits Savage 10/11/12/14/16 with 12FV barrel channel...
  Fits CENTER FEED blind magazine rifles (NOT Stagger feed). Designed for accuracy in structure as well as shootability, this graceful riflestock fits modern short action (will NOT fit the Target Action) Savage Rifles. "Modern" rifles have the Center Feed (CF) Blind magazine and stock screw spacing of 4.41". Rifles with or without the Accu-Trigger will fit as long as their stock screw spacing is 4.41".
 (Older Stagger Feed magazine rifles that have 4.27" screw spacing and the newer Detachable magazine rifles that have 4.41" will NOT fit this stock)
   The thumbhole styling flows into a graceful pistol grip and raised cheek rest that are beautiful as well as extremely comfortable. The forend is wide for solid benchrest shooting and, its ventilated to keep as cool as possible. A stiff rubber recoil pad contributes to accuracy. Front and rear Swivel studs are included for either a sling and/or a bipod. Length of Pull (LOP) is ~13¾".

  Piller Bedding and Other Hardware:
These stocks come with bedding pillars. Pillar bedding gives the most rigid, accuracy enhancing connection to riflestocks on bolt action rifles. Other hardware needed are your original trigger guard and mounting screws. These are not included with this stock because its designed to use the ones from your original stock.

  Barrel Channelled to Fit 12FV Barrel Contour
- These stocks come with the barrel channel cut to fit a factory Savage 12FV barrel contour. This is the same as our EABCO Savage Accuracy Barrels contour. It's a heavy varmint style that contours to .800" at the muzzle. This barrel channel fits barrels that size or smaller without any modifications. Barrels with a wider contour will need to have the barrel channel widened (Call... We can do this for you at an additional cost).
  One More Fitting Note: Recently, we have encountered a few Savage rifles where the trigger guard was thicker at the base than previous rifles so that the fit of the inletting wasn't flush.

  See barrels and other accessories at our Savage Rifles Home Page.

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