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Savage Detachable Magazine Conversion Stock - Long Action
Detachable Mag Conversion Stock

Savage Detachable Magazine Conversion Stock - Long Action

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Savage Detachable Mag Conversion Stock LA
  Converts Long Action (LA) Savage model 110 series Bolt Guns to Detachable Magazine compatibility (order mags separately). We have partnered with CDI Precision to install detachable magazine bottom metal in our most popular Choate Tactical Stocks for the Savage model 110 series rifles. Here is how to order:
  First, Is Your Rifle Long Action (LA)? Long Actions are 3 digits (110, 112, etc.). Short Actions are 2 digits (10, 12, etc.). This stock is for Long Actions.
  Second, Is Your Rifle Staggerfeed or Centerfeed? Simplest way to tell is to remove your gun from the stock. Staggerfeed will have the magazine box attached to the receiver (see photo above). Centerfeed will have all of the magazine parts in the stock.
  Third, Do You Have a Bottom Bolt Release or Side Bolt Release? Our stocks are set up for side bolt release. We do have a simple adaptor service for guns with a bottom bolt release... Please call for details if you're interested.
  That's It! Order the LA Staggerfeed or LA Centerfeed Conversion Stock.

Stock fits All Barrel Contours - Since "free floating" of the barrel is preferred on all bolt actions, Choate has set this stock up to fit any barrel including the widest diameter bull barrels. Skinny barrels will have a wide gap between the barrel and the forend but they will shoot accurately from this stock

  Magazine Compatibility: This conversion works with any Accuracy International (AICS) long action compatible magazines. This includes Magpul (671 and 698 AICS models) and MDT AICS models.

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