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Savage Accuracy Recoil Lugs
Savage Recoil Lugs

Savage Accuracy Recoil Lugs

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Savage Accuracy Recoil Lug
Replaces stamped Savage recoil lug with a precision machined, parallel ground, oversized recoil lug for strength, alignment, rigidity, and accuracy. Savage factory recoil lugs are stamped not machined. Their thickness varies from top to bottom. Our MACHINED Savage Recoil Lugs have consistent thickness and parallel surfaces. These recoil lugs fit our standard 1.060" Savage barrel shank and mount between the receiver and the barrel nut. Some minor fitting to your stock may be required. This recoil lug transfers recoil from the receiver to the stock with zero flex and perfectly even distribution of force. All the right conditions for your best accuracy potential. Thickness is .225".

  • Does NOT fit AccuStock
  • Does not fit Savage Axis Rifles.


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