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Sabot Loaders Starter Kit
Sabot Loaders Starter Kit

Sabot Loaders Starter Kit

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30 Caliber Sabot Loader Starter Kit for 224 Caliber Bullets

Includes 1 bag (100) Sabots, Bullet Seater Die and Load Data.

Now you can hand-load your 30 caliber handgun or rifle to shoot hyper-velocity .224 caliber bullets! Fit the .224 bullets into our Sabots with the Sabot Bullet Seater die. Then load the sabots as you would any .308 caliber bullet. The Bullet seater die is required for consistent seating of bullets into the sabots… accuracy requires consistency! Shoot to 3,500 fps in a 30-30... 4,200 fps in a 30-06. Free Load Data is Included with Every Sabot Order! Sabots flower away from the bullet after exiting the muzzle. Made of injection molded plastic, sabots won't harm your barrel and bores are easy to clean with Hoppes #9.
On-Line Load Data - It includes advice for developing your own loads for various .30 caliber cartridges plus specific data for 30-30, 30 Herrett, 30 Carbine, 308, 30-06, 300 Win Mag, 300 Weatherby Mag, etc. Click Here!


Sabot Loaders Case Expanding Die

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