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SK Standard Plus 22 LR Ammo 50 Rnds  ORMD
SK Standard Plus 22 LR Ammo

SK Standard Plus 22 LR Ammo 50 Rnds ORMD

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SK Standard Plus 22 LR Ammo (50 Rounds)
  Standard Plus is an economically priced match grade 22 LR ammo, suitable for marksmanship training, competition, hunting, and plinking. Standard velocity is 1073 fps with a 40 grain bullet. (Insider's rumor: SK Standard Plus is apparently the same product as Wolf Match Target... Both are made in Germany by Lapua Gmbh.)
  Manuafactured by Lapua: SK Brand Match Grade 22 Ammunition was born out of the new Lapua X-ACT manufacturing process and is produced in the same factory as the Lapua ammunition line. In short, the manufacturing of Lapua (and SK) 22 ammunition is so consistent and precise, it results in the same original accuracy levels that made Lapua famous. Yes, some of it is very expensive... But Lapua manufactures these rimfire cartridges with utmost care and precision. Premium cartridges are checked individually and all lots are thoroughly tested on ballistic values, gas pressure and test fire grouping. These products are released for distribution only if all test results are within strict tolerance levels. 
*Limit 10 per order**

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