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Ruger 22/45 Magazine Bumper Base Pad fits Mk II/III
Ruger 22/45 Magazine Bumper Base Pad

Ruger 22/45 Magazine Bumper Base Pad fits Mk II/III

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Ruger Mk II/III 22/45 Magazine Bumper Pads...
Dump Your Empty Mag, Then "BUMP" One of These for Fast, Secure Reloads!
Made by economical molded plastic construction, the 22/45 magazine base bumper pad looks and functions just like the ones used by speed shooting 1911 competitors. Once you install it on the base of your magazine, you insert a fresh (loaded) magazine and then "Bump" the base with the palm of your hand to be sure it is fully inserted, locked, and loaded. Never has 22/45 magazine insertion been this definite and reliable... And It Looks Cool, Too! 
Magazine Base Pads are common in action pistol shooting because they give more reliable seating of magazines under speed loading situations. But with the Ruger 22/45 pistols, these magazine base pads are especially nice due to the recessed design of the original Ruger 22/45 magazine system.

Installation is as simple as disassembly of the magazine for cleaning... Just swap the Base Pad with the original 22/45 factory mag base. When you're done you'll have a more functional and better looking mag!

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