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Redding Series C Neck Sizing Dies
Redding Series C Neck Sizing Dies

Redding Series C Neck Sizing Dies

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Redding Series C Neck Sizing Dies
  Neck Sizing Dies are a special resizing die that leaves the cartridge body fire-formed and only resizes the case neck (Not recommended for reloading ammunition to be used in single shot firearms). Advanced reloaders will use a neck sizing die to produce ammunition that is custom "fire-form" fit to their chamber. We call this type of resizing "advanced" because if you don't know what you're doing, you can reload ammunition that fits and functions poorly in your gun.
  Choose your cartridge from the drop menu above. If you don't find it on the series C drop menu, please check the complete lists of series A, B, C, and D reloading die sets on our website at Redding Dies Home.

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