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Receiver Side Antelope Etch Engraving
Engrave Receiver Side with an Antelope

Receiver Side Antelope Etch Engraving

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Part Number: 714-009
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This Antelope etch engraving is available in two sizes: Large is about an inch in diameter and fits flat receiver sides. Small is about 3/8 inch in diameter (fits the flair flats of an Encore, the Round of a Bolt Action or the side of a gun Barrel). Our engraving process is a deep chemical etch using a special stencil. It goes approximately .006" deep and requires refinishing afterwards if you order it on a blue gun. Deep etch on stainless surfaces requires no re-finishing. A second option for blued guns is to do a surface etch, which leaves a bare metal (silver) image against the original blue finish. This is not a deep etch and requires care in keeping the bare metal image protected with a light coating of oil. This price is for one engraving... Order quantity two to engrave both sides.
If you'd like to read more about our engraving service and see the other images that we engrave, please visit our Gun Engraving Home Page.

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