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RapidMag AR15 Magazine Carrier
RapidMag Magazine Carrier

RapidMag AR15 Magazine Carrier

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RapidMag™ AR15 Magazine Carrier
Attaches Anywhere and Dispenses Magazines Super QUICK!
  RapidMag is an AR15 Magazine Carrier that attaches to MOLLE gear, Picatinny Rails, and Belts. It dispenses fresh mags super quick for rapid reloads. Similar to the better known "Redi-Mag" but much more versatile in the many ways and angles it can be mounted. Easily configured into 1 of 4 possible Picatinny options or into 1 of 30 MOLLE /BELT attachment options.
  RapidMag provides immediate access to your spare .223/5.56 magazine for either left- or right-handed shooters. Magazine changes can be made in as little as 1 second. Significantly reduces reload times without the need to unhook clips or remove noisy velcro straps. Specifically designed for combat, police, or security operators by a current member of the US military. Also used in shooting competitions and home defense.

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