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QB78 Air Gun Wad Cutter Pellets
QB78 Air Gun Pellets - Choose from Domed, Wad Cutter, Hollow Point

QB78 Air Gun Wad Cutter Pellets

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Industry Brand QB78 Air Gun Wad Cutter Pellets .177 Caliber
  Designed and manufactured for all .177 caliber air guns but specifically for the QB78 Bolt Action CO2 Rifles, these are truly excellent pellets for a very reasonable price. They are well formed with deep cone skirts (no flat bottom skirts). When you shoot, gas pressure seals the skirts of these nicely into the rifling of all airguns from low to high velocity. Sold in tins (250 per tin).  Wad Cutters are flat point target pellets suitable for unting and plinking.  Flat point wad cutters make very neat holes in paper targets.
Excellent pellets for the price... A lot of inexpensive shooting. Order Today!

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