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Pro Shot Gun Cleaning Jags
Pro Shot Gun Cleaning Jags - All Calibers Brass Jags

Pro Shot Gun Cleaning Jags

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Pro Shot Gun Cleaning Jags

  Pro Shot gun cleaning jags combine with our cotton patches to wipe solvents and debris out of your rifle bore. The patched jag fits tightly in the bore as you press it through... much like a squeegy wipes your window clean. Our jags have a "Spear-Tip" (to hold the patch) and come in sizes to suit most calibers. Precision turned, solid brass jags will not scratch your steel rifle bore. You will be amazed at how clean the patched jag can get your rifle bore! Click Pro Shot to see all of our Pro Shot patches, brushes, cleaning rods, etc!
  We have an extensive line of gun cleaning solvents, lubes, and tools at our Accessories Menu!
  Available calibers include .17,.20,.204, .223, .224, .6 mm, .243, .257, 25-06, .264, 6.5 mm, .270, .277, .284, 7 mm, .308, 8 mm, .338, .357, .358, .375, .40, 10 mm, .41, .416, .44, .45, and .50 caliber.

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