1. PC-Matic Pro Endpoint Suite - ONE Year of Protection per Computer
PC-Matic Pro Endpoint Suite - ONE Year of Protection per Computer
PC Matic Pro Endpoint Suite

PC-Matic Pro Endpoint Suite - ONE Year of Protection per Computer

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PC Matic Pro Endpoint Suite
Business Subscription - One Year Protection Per Computer
- White Listing Anti-Virus, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Malware, Security and Performance Enhancing Software for Businesses. PC Matic Pro Endpoint Suite downloads and installs on all of the computers in your business... On site as well as remote. It protects them and keeps them running at peak efficiency. You get an online dashboard where you can monitor and maintain your computers from any computer, anywhere.
- We installed the PC Matic Pro Endpoint Suite on all of our EABCO computers... In-house and remote. It was easy. Download a copy onto each of your machines. Access the dashboard from anywhere. Set up your regular scans and the rest is automatic. Any software, app, script, VIRUS... Anything that isn't on the whitelist doesn't get to run until and unless the PC Matic virus experts approve it. And THEY know what to look for so that you don't have to figure out what to whitelist or not.

What Each Component of the Endpoint Suite Does:

  • Real-Time White Listing - Whitelist technology blocks all unwanted and unsafe programs from executing, keeping your endpoints safer and more reliable. PC Matic Pro has most common software whitelisted already. But if anything irregular tries to execute it gets stopped until either you or the PC Matic technicians approve it for the whitelist.
  • Performance Optimization - Keep your computers running at peak performance, and increase employee productivity and efficiency with less downtime. PC Matic Pro performs a tune-up on each computer with every scan.
  • Superior Security - PC Matic Pro's enhanced "Super Shield" protects your business from all modern cyber threats, including ransomware.
  • Cloud Based Console - Increasing efficiency and flexibility for IT Administrators, by allowing remote administration for user management and maintenance. Monitor all of your computers from anywhere.
  • Multi-Device Functionality - Designed with mobility and convenience in mind, IT Administrators are able to access the software through various devices. Again, monitor your computers from anywhere.
  • Powerful Automation - PC Matic Pro does the work for you with our automated maintenance of your endpoints, for continual maintenance and protection.

You Are Not Alone...
The technicians at PC Matic Pro helped me to set up our system myself. I am not in the dark as to how it works nor whether it is working. I can see what its doing from my Cloud Based monitor. Which I can log onto from anywhere. Any problems I can't handle, I either call or email tech support and they are right on it. I can see if Kathy's computer has missed any scans. I can see red ALERTS when scans have picked up something I should be aware of. I can even log onto any of our computers from my PC Matic Pro dashboard. I use it, I recommend it, I sell it.
- Sincerely, Eben Brown, EABCO President

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For Businesses with Over 24 Computers (Endpoints) Call for a quote.

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